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Mulch Madness

On Memorial Day, our good friends Peter and Kim came over to help us mulch. We put down forty-six 2 cu. ft. bags of mulch that we’d gotten on sale from Lowes. I think it looks really nice, but its only a matter of time before the squirrels make a mess of it. The little burr oak […]

Master Bath: We’re not done, but we might as well be!

Let’s do this a bit backwards … here is what we have left to do in the master bath: Repaint the ceiling due to a roof leak Install porcelain caps on the toilet bolts Touch up the wall paint Patch holes and paint door casing and frame Scrub the grout haze off the floor Buy […]

New Roof Prep

For the past year, I’ve been shopping for a new roof. When I had the opportunity to get up on the roof to clean the gutters I did a close up inspection and it wasn’t good. I should have caught this when I did the inspection prior to purchasing the house. At the time I […]

Every tile needs cut?

Except for the occasional day off , I’ve spent nearly six weeks of evenings and weekends installing tile. There are over two thousand individual tiles in this bath, the wet saw is in the garage, and it seems like every tile needs cut… I spend most of my time going up and down the stairs. […]

Pregnancy x2

Corinne and I have been taking some classes to help us prepare for the birth of our son. Last night, we finished up part two of our Little Miracles Labor and Birth Express class. I had the opportunity to try on “The Empathy Belly Pregnancy Simulator.” I now understand just how much extra work it […]

Cincinnati Shopping

On Saturday Corinne and I took a trip to Cincinnati to visit the folks and the two Bargains and Buyouts Outlet stores located in Colerain and Hamilton–the same place where we bought our crib (about a year ago), a rocking chair, our living room rug… lots of things, really. Our goal was to find a […]

Bathroom Tile Begins

The bathroom is progressing slowly. I underestimated the amount of time that it would take to lay the 2″ hex tile on the floor. I’ve had to pop off and replace quite a few tiles that were either too high or too low and others that were  too close or too far from neighboring tiles. Combine […]


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